Librarians have answers

Librarians interact with children and adults who are looking for information. It’s been said that librarians are the original search engine, and they know how to find the answer that helps you rather than give you hundreds of answers to sift through. Read, explore, learn at libraries throughout Douglas County. Here are some stories:

Finish your education

Douglas County libraries grow their collections of books and other materials to fit the specific needs of the community, said Alicia Adams of the Drain branch.

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Uncover the past

Amateur genealogists seeking information on lost ancestors can turn to the library’s circulation staff. The library can order microfilm of newspapers from across the country and from many decades past. This service makes access to information – and completing that family tree – a reality.

“If we don’t have what a researcher may be looking for in our library system, then we go outside the library system,” said Sandy Black, former head of circulation for the Douglas County Library System. “We get a lot of thankful people for that service.”

Get tech savvy

Need wifi? You can get it at every Douglas County Library location, even in small towns where it isn’t available anywhere else.

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Find a new favorite

When in sixth grade, at a library book sale, a boy found a young adult novel about a boy and his dogs that sparked a lifelong interest.

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Discover a world of resources

Staff at library locations connect the community with computers, hundreds of thousands of books and the right answers to all the questions on the planet.

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