Library services available throughout the county

In 1955, the Douglas County Library System was formed with a central library in Roseburg and ten branches throughout the county. Today, it continues to enrich, educate and empower children and adults with free access to information, ideas, books and technology.

Reedsport Library

Reedsport library


Tuesday 12noon – 6pm Wednesday 10am – 6pm Thursday 12noon – 6pm Friday 10am – 2pm

Address: 395 Winchester Ave., Reedsport

Phone: 541-271-3500

Drain Library

Drain library


Currently closed, pending voter approval of a tax measure.

Address: 205 West “A” Ave., Drain

Phone: 541-836-2648

Yoncalla Library

Yoncalla library


Wednesday 10am – 5pm Thursday 2pm – 7pm Saturday 11am – 3pm

Address: 194 Birch, Yoncalla

Phone: 541-849-2128

Oakland Library

Oakland library


Friday 10am – 4pm

Address: 637 NE Locust, Oakland

Phone: 541-459-9784

Sutherlin Library

Sutherlin library


Tuesday 12noon – 6pm Wednesday 10am – 6pm Friday 11am – 4pm Saturday 11am – 4pm

Address: 210 E. Central St., Sutherlin

Phone: 541-459-9161

Roseburg Library

Roseburg library


Currently closed.  Scheduled to reopen sometime in 2018.  The current estimate is September 1, 2018.

Address: 1409 NE Diamond Lake Blvd, Roseburg

Phone: 541-440-4305

Winston Library

Winston library


Monday 12noon – 6pm Tuesday 12noon – 6pm Thursday 12noon – 6pm Friday 12noon – 6pm

Address: 440 SE Grape Ave., Winston

Phone: 541-679-5501

Myrtle Creek Library

Myrtle Creek library


Monday 10am – 2pm Tuesday 3pm – 7pm Wednesday 10am – 2pm Thursday 12noon – 4pm Saturday 10am – 2pm

Address: 231 Division, Myrtle Creek

Phone: 541-863-5945

Riddle Library

Riddle library


Tuesday 3pm – 8pm Wednesday 12noon – 5pm Thursday 11am – 4pm

Address: 637 First Ave., Riddle

Phone: 541-874-2070

Canyonville Library

Canyonville library


Monday 11am – 3pm Thursday 2pm – 6pm Saturday 10am – 2pm

Address: 250 N. Main, Canyonville

Phone: 541-839-4727

Glendale Library

Glendale library


Wednesday 10am – 2pm Friday 12pm – 4pm Saturday 12noon – 4pm

Address: 3rd and Willis, Glendale

Phone: 541-832-2360