Libraries in Douglas County

Note: Due to coronavirus constraints, libraries may not be open during the hours shown.  Please contact your library to confirm when they are open.

Canyonville:  Address: 250 N. Main, Canyonville  Phone: (541) 839-4727
Hours: Monday 11am-3pm Thursday 1pm-6pm Saturday 10am-2pm

Drain: Address: 205 West “A” Ave., Drain  Phone: (541) 836-2648
Hours: Tuesday 2pm-7pm Wednesday 11am-6pm Friday 11am-6pm Saturday 11am-4pm

Glendale: Address: 3rd and Willis, Glendale  Phone: (541) 832-2360  Email:
Hours: Wednesday 10am-2pm Friday 12pm-4pm Saturday Noon-4pm

Myrtle Creek:  Address: 231 Division, Myrtle Creek  Phone: (541) 860-7272  Email:
Hours: Monday 10pm-3pm Tuesday Noon-6pm Wednesday 11am-3pm Second and fourth Saturdays Preschool Storytime 12noon-2pm

Oakland:  Address: 637 NE Locust, Oakland  Phone: (541) 459-9784
Hours: Friday 10am-4pm Saturday 10am-1pm

Riddle:  Address: 637 First Ave., Riddle  Phone: (541) 874-2070
Hours: Tuesday 1pm – 6pm Wednesday Noon-5pm Friday 11am-4pm

Roseburg:  Address: 1409 NE Diamond Lake Blvd, Roseburg  Phone: (541) 492-7051  Email:
Hours: Tuesday 11am-8pm Wednesday 11am-5pm Thursday 11am-8pm Friday 11am-5pm Saturday  10am-2pm

Sutherlin:  Address: 210 E. Central St., Sutherlin  Phone: (541) 459-9161  Email: 
Hours: Tuesday 11am-5pm Wednesday 11am-5pm Friday 11am-5pm Saturday 11am-5pm

Winston:  Address: 440 SE Grape Ave., Winston Phone: (541) 679-5501
Hours: Monday Noon-6pm Tuesday Noon-6pm Thursday Noon-6pm Friday Noon-6pm

Yoncalla:  Address: 194 Birch, Yoncalla  Phone: (541) 849-2128
Hours: Wednesday 10am-5pm Thursday 2pm-7pm Saturday 11am-3pm