Worth mentioning

Community members are talking about the Douglas County Library System and the Douglas County Library Foundation’s education campaign. They are discussing the impact of the loss of timber dollars on local services, as well as the fact that Libraries Matter.

Read, watch and listen to what The News-Review, local librarians and your neighbors are saying about our libraries and our community.

Current Status

Since the measure to permanently fund the library system failed last November, the Douglas County Library System no longer exists; however 9 of our 11 libraries have been re-opened as individual community libraries using volunteers from the local communities.  The Douglas County Library Foundation continues to operate and provides necessary funding and assistance to libraries in our county.

An organization has been formed in an attempt to re-organize the libraries into something approximating a functional county-wide system.  It is called the Douglas County Library Association (DCLA) and it consists of representatives from every library and/or city involved in attempting to operate and maintain libraries in the county.

Keep checking in here for news and developments regarding the libraries in the county.  And please consider donating to the Douglas County Library Foundation to provide some funds to assist in this important endeavor.